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Simplicity matters and the secret key of geometry!


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  1. Hi! I like your logo designs, they are cool. By the way what does “fleeky and fleek” mean? My favorite of the logos you designed is probably the “Eyebrowsfleek” log with the colors and shapes forming a woman’s face, it’s really cool. How did you create your logo designs, like the basic process and what computer programs did you use or are were they illustrated on paper? Thx xoxo

    1. A logo is difficult to design indeed. It has shape, form and color and must translate a meaning of content. Some logos are based on icons with some extra touches, making them unique. Fleek was used to describe a perfect eyebrow… so I am happy you picked that up. Great intuition. Thank you for liking!

  2. Yes I agree, it is important to have a good logo, I like some of the logos you have showcased here, they are very simple straightforward and to the point.

    Having a logo that is eye catching as yours are, are what help to keep someone engaged. People remember logos and will come back to websites that show good design. The simple logo that states what the website is about in its design is what sticks in the visitors mind.



    1. Thank you for your kind appraisal Louise…. creating your own can be an adventure too… did you brand your website and do you have a good logo?

  3. I saw your website logo very well and I like it very much. Your web site has some wonderful logos. Each logo on your website is made up of completely different ideas. I really like the logo that I made with the horse. I need a logo like this. 

    So I got the idea from here

  4. Your work is so impressive. Yes, you are right. A logo is the main identity of the product or site. The first impression is the best impression. Actually, when we open a site our eye catches first at the logo. So, the logo is the main part of the promote the business or site. Your idea is so useful and helpful.

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